Apple Cash Scams

Apple Cash Scams

How-to Recognize and Avoid Common Apple Cash Scams

When I provide Cybersecurity Awareness training, one of the greatest joys I have is in helping people stay safe while using technology. Apple Cash has made it incredibly convenient to send and receive money instantly. However, it’s important to be cautious and understand how to recognize common scams to keep your financial transactions secure. In this post, I’ll share tips for using Apple Cash safely and how to avoid falling victim to scams.

Use Apple Cash Wisely

Apple Cash is designed for transactions between people you know and trust. So, to keep your Apple Cash experience safe and secure, only send and receive money with familiar contacts.

Apple provides warnings when you attempt to send money via Apple Cash to someone outside your contacts or if a transaction is considered risky. Pay close attention to these warnings and exercise caution when making payments. If you need clarification on a payment or feel pressured to send money, it’s best not to proceed.

Common Scams to Watch Out For

  1. Don’t send money for items you haven’t received – Be cautious when making purchases online, particularly in peer-to-peer marketplaces. Always ensure that you receive the item before sending payment via Apple Cash. Paying outside of the marketplace’s recommended payment system may increase your risk.
  2. Don’t send money in exchange for a check – Scammers often ask for Apple Cash payments in exchange for a check that eventually bounces. Never accept a check from someone you don’t know or trust, and avoid facilitating money transfers for strangers.
  3. Be wary of scammers posing as employees of businesses or government agencies – Legitimate businesses and government agencies will never request payment via Apple Cash. If you receive a call or message from someone claiming to represent a company or government agency demanding payment, hang up and contact the organization directly using their official support number.
  4. Don’t send money or share information with scammers pretending to be Apple or tech support – Apple will never ask for your Apple ID password, verification codes, device passcode, recovery key, or account security details. If you’re contacted by someone claiming to be Apple Support or tech support who requests payment via Apple Cash, do not proceed.

Key Takeaways

To keep your Apple Cash transactions safe and secure, remember these essential tips:

  1. Only use Apple Cash with people you know and trust.
  2. Heed Apple’s warnings about risky transactions.
  3. Never send money in exchange for a check.
  4. Verify the identity of anyone claiming to represent a business or government agency.
  5. Don’t share personal information or send money to “tech support.”

By following these guidelines, you can confidently use Apple Cash while protecting yourself from common scams. Stay vigilant and always prioritize the security of your financial transactions.